Never Fails...

Every time we get a little bit of moolah to sock away in savings, something to do with the car needs attention. EVERY TIME.

On Friday, I dropped Kate off at school and went to fill up on gas. When I stepped out of the car, I noticed the tire was dangerously low on air. When it was checked at the air pump, the psi read very low. It being almost time to go to work, I thought I would just try to stop by at the tire place to see if it was a slow leak. We are fortunate in that the local tire place will repair a slow leak free of charge. When the tire store checked my tires, they reported that there was no slow leak- yay! But, I needed four new tires- boo!

So, I left my car at the tire shop and walked the two miles to work. Luckily, I got there on time and got in some good exercise, seeing as I walked the two miles in about 22 minutes. Pretty good, huh?

When I called Jimmy to update him on the events of the morning, he just groaned and stated that he had also paid registration that day. Meaning... that pretty chunk of change went to cars. Again.

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