Off Schedule

Our second day of relaxing was just that- relaxing. we didn't end up eating breakfast until 1:00 pm. But, we did exercise for 30 minutes before that and ninety minutes afterwards! Rachel is a personal trainer and kicked our butts... which is what I asked for. But, really, I should have just asked for a good work out. Because it turns out when you ask Rachel to train you and 'kick our butts', turns out she totally does. I am soooo sore.

When "breakfast" was done around two in the afternoon and exercise was completed after that, the girls and I popped down to the beach at 5:00pm.

After hanging at the beach for some time, we got in some serious shopping and a visit to here:

As always, it was wonderful! And as always, I chased a sundae with a kiddie cone.
After the time out and about, we got back to the beach house at 10:30 and decided to have dinner. I know it was late, but we didn't eat breakfast until 1:00 pm! It was really nice to laze around today and just go with the flow. A nice thing to do when we all run such hectic lives at home.

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Care'n King said...

You were here this weekend??????? hmmm....no call for ice cream?