After the night I had last night

I cannot believe I wore heels to church today. And used those heels to propel me up to the pulpit to bear my testimony... because I get up there so often, people might assume that I like to go up there. Not true. I actually pray every fast Sunday to not have a prompting to get up and share. I feel like because I get up so often, people get sick of hearing me. And gosh, I hate crying in front a room full of people. But, each time I prompted to get up, I don't want to see what happens if I refuse to heed it. I want Heavenly Father to know that I am always willing to do what He asks of me. I want Him to trust me with what He's given me. I want Him to be pleased with my small offering I have to give. If heeding a prompting to get up and bear my testimony thanks Him in some way for the times I've been healed- whether body, mind or spirit- blessed, comforted, loved, protected, helped, humored and all else He has ever done for me; then I'll do it.

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