Happy Day

This lovely lady got married today:

Ain't she cute?!?! The reception went well- very well. I loved the venue. The décor was fabulous. And her family was just so loving.

I made some yummy food and fun signs:

I looked all over town for chalkboards and none were what I needed. I even went to OSH and Home Depot for slate. But what the perfect solution proved to be was white out on black poster board, which we pinned to the front of all the tables. Other than obvious things that are happy at weddings, these are the things that made me happy:

*the s'mores bar (built by the bride's dad and grandfather) that looked like this:

*the photo booth in which my staff and I took a raucous picture... well, maybe raucous is not the right word, but it was silly.
*the huge kitchen we were able to work in
*the joy I felt in that every child that came in to ask something of us had manners
*the cupcakes... oh my, the cupcakes
* the laughing & joking the staff shared- it truly was a good team

and my favorite quote/story of the night that transpired at the photo booth:

Lauren (holding up a glittery hat on a stick): Here, Desmond! Use this prop in the picture!
Desmond: I don't want to wear a leprechaun hat!
Lauren: It's not a leprechaun hat, son! It's Abraham Lincoln.
Desmond: But it has glitter on it!
Lauren: Sorry, Gay-braham Lincoln...

I laughed harder than I should have at that joke. The quickness of the exchange sounded like the lines were written for a sitcom. You guys, it was wonderful... and I am wonderfully tired.

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