I love me a good girls' night out. It's been awhile, though. Having the foster boys took a lot of time and energy. So, after a full week with all the kids, the last thing I wanted to do was get all dolled up. Because, really, all I ever wanted to do in my spare time was sleep. I became pretty efficient at taking naps on command. A skill that is used even after the boys have gone.

Tonight we all went to Bistro Sabor (my favorite) and Ben and Jerry's (another favorite). Then Lauren and I decided after everyone had already been done partying up that we still had some juice left in us. And so of course we went to a 10:30 movie. It seemed like a good idea at the time. After our conversation on Saturday morning, I think we both felt a little sheepish for thinking we could party it up like the old days. Regardless of how tired and cranky I was in the morning (I don't have to deal with me being cranky, my family does...), I am so glad I got to be just Stephanie for the night.

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