Sword of Truth

I was reading in Alma 1 this morning. If you ever have a hard time reading through the Book of Mormon, I highly suggest you start in Alma. I cannot believe how many times I get stumped in 2 Nephi with all the Isaiah chapters. Sometimes, that book will bet the one that halts my progress. Usually, I can get through it. But how many times have you re-started reading the Book of Mormon and read the tree of life?! The book of Alma is very thought provoking and so well written. It reads like a novel once you get into the story. On to what I learned today.

In the very first chapter of Alma, there is already wickedness. There is a man preaching false doctrine named Nehor. He was extremely wicked. In fact, he committed the first murder in the first year of the reign of the judges. Nehor killed a righteous man named Gideon. Because Gideon was so old, he could not withstand Nehor's sword. Now, why did Nehor choose to hit Gideon with the sword? Because Nehor was trying to convince Gideon that what he had taught (that we all go to heaven no matter what choices we make and that priests deserve money for their preaching) was correct. Gideon knew better. He was a prophet of God. He responded to Nehor with truth. We learn from the scriptures about the armor of God that the truth is represented by the sword. What I found interesting is that Nehor and Gideon did battle. One man chose to use a physical sword while one chose to use the armor of God. Unfortunately, Gideon suffered an earthly death. His body left this earth- but he was righteous and was received by Heavenly Father. Nehor, on the other hand, was punished for the murder of Gideon and suffered an ignominious death. Gideon may have not been the one to slay Nehor with a physical sword- but physical death is not the worst thing to happen to a person. What Nehor suffered was a spiritual death before a hair on his head was scathed. And there ain't no comin' back from that...

I just thought a lot about what sword we choose to use. What tools do we use to fight our battles? When do I choose to have the truth on my side- or rather- when do I side with truth? I think it is so vital to our spirits to seek truth and hold on tight when we find it. Otherwise... there ain't no comin' back from that.

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