Slippery when... I say so

We went on one of my favorite hikes today, Bothe.
We took the hard way, as shown in our red faces below.

On the way down the hill, there was an especially slippery part. The leaves were dry and crushed to a near dust. Also the hill was extremely steep. Kate descended first. It was difficult, so I encouraged her to go down on her bottom. Jimmy scoffed a little. In fact, when I went down the hill veeeerrrry slowly, I could feel his impatience at the back of my neck. I turned from the bottom of the hill after successful climbing down and said, "Now I want to watch you do it!"
I knew it wasn't easy and I just wanted Jimmy to give Kate and me credit for what we had done to finally get down the hill. After Jimmy's first step, he slid- tried to right his course then toppled right off the edge of the cliff. At first, I was concerned.
But, when I yelled up, "Are you okay?!?!?!"
Jimmy sarcastically responded, "Yeah. Except I'm in a big pile of poison oak..."
And then I did what anyone would do, I laughed till I cried.
Poor guy hobbled out of the bushes and just gave me that.look.
The look that can only be described as this:

I do feel bad that he fell... and I feel really bad that he has poison oak all over his body. And I really, really think he feels bad about thinking Kate and I were being wimps going down the hill...

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