Another way to cut corners...

Folks, I found another way to save some moola!
Here is a fresh & easy coupon (just an image that has expired... sorry)
BUT... if you use the coupon when you buy $25 worth of chicken breast- you get two and half pounds of chicken for free!!!

Let me break it down:
the chicken is nearly always on sale for $1.99 per pound
$25= 12.5 lbs. of chicken THEN you take $5 off
making $20= 12.5 lbs. of chicken making your chicken only $1.60 a pound!
Then, take it home- cook half and shred- freeze in 3 oz. portions
Then, wrap the other half in plastic wrap and foil, put in freezer bag and date- freeze the raw pieces.
We have chicken forever.... because I make my poor husband do this with me every week.

I really, really, really like a bargain. Like, a lot.

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