RS Retreat- Day Two

This morning, I woke to hop in the pool before breakfast and spend the remainder of the day in my swim suit. Which wouldn't have been so awkward had anyone else done the same thing. Every other woman there was dressed in such a way that a mother looks when she is the only one she has to get ready in the morning i.e. spectacular, flawless, smelling like roses...

And so, I attended workshops about being organized in the most unorganized way possible. Kind of.

But the workshops were phenomenal. There was cooking class and crafts and a scripture study class. And yummy food shoved wherever there was any free time! I rolled my way home. One thing I remember quite well during testimony meeting was, "Sometimes I think the word 'busy' is a bad word. Why would we stop our whole lives to serve someone else but not take this time set aside [referring to the retreat] for ourselves?" I got to thinking a lot about that. How we can rearrange our whole schedule to help someone in need but we rarely take that time for ourselves all the time. Sad, isn't it?
But I am so glad that this time I did take the full time offered to recharge with the sisters in my ward!

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