What a wonderful time we had

As most of you know, we had Little Miss for a couple of weeks. It was time to say goodbye to that sweet girl this morning. It was really hard for all of us. We just love Little Miss so much! She really was such a delight to have in our home. I don't miss changing diapers. But I will miss:

  • swimming with LM
  • her singing in the car
  • giggles all night
  • Kate playing chase
  • painting fingernails
  • doing the cutest curly hair
  • kisses & hugs
  • going to church with two little girls
  • saying, 'the girls'
  • cuddling in our bed every morning
  • drawing lots and lots and lots of pictures
  • making cupcakes with LM
  • those tiny little shoes!
  • her sweet spirit
I know all will work out because there are so many people that love that little girl! She may not have the most conventional family- but that little girl's family is so extended, she will never lack in the being adored department. We are just another family that fell in love with Little Miss.

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{april kennedy} said...

And I love you so much for that! She had a wonderful time with you guys. She loves you too. I need to call you with an update. It is sweet!