RS Retreat- Day One

Our ward does a retreat each Summer for the women. We get together and rest, eat, relax, eat, learn, laugh and eat. Today was the first day that started out with a hike at Bothe State Park.
Normally, I am a huge fan of this hike, but the 100 degree weather proved to be a deterrent to the jovial mood that should have accompanied a group of fun women on a spectacular hike. at time regardless of the weather.

It did help that the weather cooled down at night fall. I made dinner for everyone and that was so fun! We had vegetable fried brown rice, teriyaki chicken and steamed broccoli with spring rolls and peanut sauce. It was awfully fun to serve dinner in a take out container with chop sticks.

My friend Cristal made the most amazing cookies. I had many. In fact, I was so sweaty and rank, that I popped home around 10 pm to take a shower. When I returned, no one was anywhere to be found!. It was dark outside and the tables were all deserted... except for the cookies that kept the table company :) And so, I scarfed down cookies in between wondering where everyone went. It turns out the ladies were out in the field star gazing. I was relieved that they didn't actually choose to leave me, because I don't know if I could recover from that.

We continued the night with s'mores. The only kind to have- with Reese's peanut butter cups instead of Hershey's, of course. I know, right?! After everyone was sufficiently sugared out, we climbed into tents to sleep. It was fun to chat until falling asleep. I cannot remember the last time I did that! It was a good day. A good day, indeed.

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