Let's try to get every unnatural color in this house!

Like I stated before, tonight was the night that Kate's friend came over to celebrate her birthday. When the girls were at a pool party, Jimmy and I decorated the house with streamers, banners and balloons. The girls were so surprised to walk in to a wonderfully & colorfully decorated house.  I baked funfetti cupcakes with cotton candy frosting. There was not a mouth untainted by the BLUE frosting. It was quite humorous seeing everyone with toothy electric blue grins.
So far, we've had make-your-own-pizza, cupcakes, art time, movie, nail painting, and freeze dance. We like to party... can you tell?!

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Care'n King said...

CUTE cupcakes! I have a new recipe for refrigerator pickles, don't know if you want it but they are great! Miss you ~ Kaitlin and Jimmy... job search is finally looked a bit brighter..
love mom