Things I hate...

So I already did a post of things I love. I thought it'd be fun to see what things I can't stand:

  • green bell peppers- they taste unripe and overpower whatever dish they're in. But I love red, orange and yellow bell peppers!
  • being late
  • chalk. I cannot even touch it. The kids in my Sunday school class have to write on the board for me. Although, they have gotten really good at wrapping the chalk in a tissue before I get to class so I can use the chalk.
  • fennel seed- but I love freshly shaved fennel
  • my flakiness
  • bad drivers
  • rude people working in a customer service job
  • tongue piercings
  • having dirty hands
  • the Crayola crayon colored burnt sienna
  • disorganization
  • Bratz dolls
  • terrible grammar
  • pets- but I LOVE animals. I want a horse- because it can't come in my house.
  • people chewing loudly at the table
  • overcooked pasta

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