Shopping is more fun with friends

I spent all day today shopping... the stores I hit:
- Larry's Produce
- Costco
- Smart and Final
- Fresh and Easy
- Trader Joe's
- Whole Spice at the OxBow
- Safeway
- Target
- Cost Plus Word Market
- Shackford's

I am a little tired. But what made the day great was that I had my good friend Kathy with me. We laughed all morning. Plus, we ate pizza at Costco- which might be the whole reason I shopped today. Something cool happened while we were eating in the food court. We said a quiet prayer to bless the food. A man sitting a ways down came over and thanked us for praying. We really weren't trying to attract attention, we only wanted to bless our lunch. But it was neat to have a positive reaction. The man ended up staying and chatting with us about the power of prayer. I felt really wonderful after our discussion. I knew what we did was right. What felt so good about it was that we chose the right thinking no one was watching.

It is so important to be a good example and always strive to choose the right because you never know who is seeing what decisions you make. I just hope I make enough good decisions to cancel out the bone headed ones...

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