The loaves and the fishes...

with no fish.

Kate is doing very well with her fund raising! So well, in fact, that we have gone through more than 50 lbs. of flour- and we still haven't fulfilled all the orders we received on the first go round!!! I am really proud of her! What I'm also really proud of is how these loaves have been turning out. They are all a little work of art. After making 12 loaves, we finally made one for ourselves... and I have not let any others stay in the house because I ate half the loaf by myself. Now, I have been known to exaggerate on occasion, but not in this case. I.ate.half.the.loaf.
There, now I've confessed and I shall no longer give in to the temptation.
The middle picture is of the loaf I scarfed- cranberry walnut. The orange honey butter was really yummy with it. Next cycle will be bacon cheddar with chive butter. Can't wait to start those!

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