Let's hope it sticks

Kate is IN LOVE with horses. So, so, so much.
She has horse clothes.
Horse books.
Horse earrings.
Horse wallet.
Jimmy and I finally decided to get Kate into riding lessons.
I am excited for her.
We went to the equestrian center and checked it all out. Woweee! It will take a little penny pinching to get her going, but that girl will be pleased as punch to be riding and that is worth it.

The difficult part is this: when I went with Kate to observe a lesson, we were sitting with the other parents. It was very clear that I was not anywhere NEAR the same income tax bracket. Frankly, it made me uncomfortable. Not because there was any snootiness. Because there wasn't. Mostly, I just thought about how it would go as we progressed on this path. How would the conversations go between me and these parents in the future? What in the world would I talk about? I am hoping that I can walk into this situation the way I day dream about it- flawlessly. But honestly (because we are being honest), I will make a total movie-montage-worthy-mess of the whole situation.
You and I know it. I can't wait to blog about it...


Care'n King said...

if you need any "horsey" vocabulary, let me know..I was there when I wanted to take lessons in Portola Valley *can you say $$$$$$?" Her best bet is a velvet helmet *black not optional, mandatory* and short sleeve button shirts to go with her "jophers" or riding pants. she will do great!

Gayle Anderson said...


I was (am) in exactly the same position as you! Most of the horse owners and several of the riders have a substantially larger income than I will ever have. BUT, when my own little 10 year old Alissa came to me one day crying that "all I want in the whole world is to ride a horse", I went to Heavenly Father in prayer to ask him to help me make this a reality for her. Amazingly, I was able to make enough extra money repairing jewelry to pay for each week's lesson and so it has continued. Many, many years ago, as a child I also prayed to be able to ride a horse. I had to wait til middle age for that dream to come true, but Heavenly Father didn't forget my childhood dream -- he answered it in his own due time through the dreams of my own daughter.

Brittani Hamilton said...

oh man... I am trying to put off horse riding lessons by having Ryann in gymnastics... that girl draws a picture if a horse or a unicorn on every piece of paper that comes across her desk. she sleeps with about 5 stuffed animal horses too. too cute

Brittani Hamilton said...

fyi... zulily.com has riding great on sale today!