Lazy mom's grilled cheese

Sometimes it is just too much work to break out a frying pan and butter two whole pieces of bread... and that is how I came up with this concoction. Just spray a piece of foil with cooking spray, put the cheese on and put over the toaster while toasting bread. The cheese melts, the bread gets crispy. Then, you slap 'em together for a gooey cheesy sandwich.
I know in the picture below, not all the cheese is melted-  but I promise it did melt all the way. When I asked Kate if she liked it, my daughter very quietly said, "I like daddy's better." Good! Maybe next time she'll ask for a string cheese and crackers.
p.s.- I came up with this method while trying to make more healthy choices. I do a big girl's grilled cheese with a slice of light provolone and dip it in marinara sauce.

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