This is the email I sent to my friends (also the message I posted on facebook)
Hi Friends!
In preparation for a fourth grade outdoor education fieldtrip, Kate will be fundraising.
We have chosen not to do the school fundraisers but to have Kate work for the funds.
She will be baking artisan bread and making accompanying butter.
There will be a choice of plain rustic bread with salted butter or the weekly special.
Next week's special: Cranberry Walnut Bread with Orange Honey Butter.
The cost for one loaf and butter is $10.
Please let me know if you would like to place an order.
 We will arrange delivery.
Stephanie Graham
We did not expect to receive 22 orders in the first two hours of posting! I am so happy for Kate! She has spent the Summer perfecting this bread. We chose this as a fundraiser because she can do all the work herself. That's exactly what Jimmy and I wanted for her. Our daughter can always tote around the little catalogs of items that are full of crappy product with an elevated price. That will require some work. But, we really wanted Kate to get into the work aspect and understand what it really means to work for something you want. Let's see if she still wants it after cooking 22 loaves of bread...

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