I hate goodbyes...

My dear friend, Melanie is moving early tomorrow morning.
After deciding LAST NIGHT!
Melanie and her family were very prayerful in a family meeting they held a few weeks ago and felt like they would be moving soon. Because Melanie is so obedient, she and her children packed up their house THE NEXT DAY. Except for essentials, their family lived in the house with boxes in every room! Well, the answer came swiftly and so did the move. They were out before I even had a chance to really let the reality sink in. To be honest with you, I am sad she is leaving- but she wouldn't be such a dear friend to me if she didn't heed all the promptings to move.

Our lives have been pretty rough with having to say goodbye to so much. People, ideals, hopes... in fact, I feel like every time we turn around, I am saying goodbye to something else. It has become exhausting.
I am tired sometimes of following God's Will.
Sometimes I just want to do it my way.
Then I realize, my way is a heck of a lot harder...
Thank goodness my life didn't turn out the way I planned it.

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Care'n King said...

Oh my goodness!!! Where are they moving to???? so sorry to hear that you have to say goodbye to your friend. Maybe they would be up for a "beach house" reunion next summer??
Love you