Help Wanted

Kate has always had issues when it comes to motor skills. She may be able to read circles around her peers, but when it comes to physical prowess- poor kid can't run in a straight line. At the end of every school year, I have always been approached by the teacher requesting me to work on her fine motor skills over the Summer. In all cases, I have wanted to shout, "I do!!! You think that I don't spend most of my time with her trying to improve?!"

It took me four and a half years to teach Kate to tie her shoes. And let's not talk about the countless hours it required to finally get that girl to ride a bike... even now, these things are difficult for her to accomplish.

It's only when I got Kate into riding lessons that I really thought about this being more than just a small issue. Watching Kate on the horse and her progress has made me re-evaluate what my daughter needs to be successful in this life. Although her academic grades are wonderful, physical things have always been difficult. We are still working on showering and personal hygiene independently.

So, we are meeting with Kate's teacher, principal and doctor this week to figure this out. I know something is up. I can feel it. I also know there is a solution. I'm just pleading for your prayers in this difficult and new territory. We are fortunate to be blessed with such a wonderful daughter. I have total faith in her ability to cope with whatever comes from this season of searching. It's actually me who needs your prayers...

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