Yesterday was a kismet kind of day...

Last week when I was shopping for the bacon and cheddar we'd be using for Kate's bread, there were a few raised eyebrows. The cashier asked what all the bacon was for. And then I launched into my story about Kate raising money and baking bread- you know, cause bread is my life now. (That's not complaining in any way- just a fact)
Well, one of the neighboring cashiers said, "I'll buy a loaf!" And I took her up on that. She mentioned this on Friday and we had one baked for her on Monday morning, ready to deliver. I had an extra loaf that morning because someone rescheduled last minute. Because it takes 24 hours for bread to rise, when someone cancels too late in the game- I'm stuck with an extra loaf.  I actually didn't know what I was going to do. If this had happened in the past, I would have kept the bread (all to myself) and eaten it piece by piece until the evidence was gone and my family wouldn't have known the difference. But, I am a changed woman. I only do that on free days, now.
But I digress...
Anyway, when I had this extra loaf, I went crazy texting trying to sell it off.
When we were getting ready for school, Kate and I wrapped up the bread and put a loaf in the car for the cashier at Trader Joe's. I had an inkling to grab the extra loaf and put it in the car too. After dropping Kate off, I went straight to TJ's to find this cashier. I walked up and down the aisles and see her in the distance- then stopped and did a double take. Someone who had already ordered bread and paid the previous day 9but was scheduled for a Friday delivery) was shopping in that same aisle! I looked at her and just blurted out, "Do you want your bread today?" A little stunned at my brashness, she stuttered, "Uh... sure!"
I bebopped my way out of the store and grabbed a loaf for each woman. I was able to do a delivery 2 for 1. It was pretty cool. On my way out I had to grab a couple of things and this is my receipt:
Cool, huh? So, my friends- it was a kismet kind of day...

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