Happy Birthday Kyle!

There's me with Scott and Kyle!
Kyle is celebrating his birthday today- because of him, my family actually has good photos.
In fact, the only time Jimmy, Kate and I end up together in a photo looking good, it's because Kyle took it.
 I love how selfless he is at each get together- making sure that there are great pictures taken. I am sure it must be hard to be in the background a lot of the times, but his talent is just so amazing, I am glad he sacrifices.
For the first year of Kate's life, Kyle took amazing pictures. He captured some truly beautiful moments that would have been lost otherwise. For Kate's first birthday, Kyle and his wife Lynda made a photo book as a gift. We read it to everyone at the birthday party. And we read it every year for Kate's birthday. It has been a tradition to cuddle with our girl and show her the wonderful pictures from the first year of her life. What in the world are we going to do with the next kid, when Kyle lives in Utah?!
Happy Birthday, big brother!!!

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