A week of co-pays

As most of you know, health insurance has changed quite a bit in the past few years. When I had Kate, it cost a whopping $100. That included a few nights in the hospital and all the extras she needed to be healthy because Kate was born so early. I cannot even imagine how much everything would have cost if we had no insurance. Just in the past two years, our premiums have sky rocketed and the co-pays went from $5 to $85. Also, we are now responsible to pay all tests, x-rays, labs...

We spent a hefty amount this week on Kate's medical care for her pneumonia. Not only did she have multiple appointments, but it just so happened to be my week for a few appointments of my own. In fact, I spent every day of the week at Kaiser for one reason or another.

Even though we spent more than I had expected on care, I spent the time there very grateful for modern medicine. When we were waiting for x-rays, I just ached for my daughter who was crying in pain from coughing. She is not one to complain about pain. Jimmy and I know she is not feeling well if she says so. To see tears dripping from her eyes just about broke my heart. I think all parents would agree that there is no amount they would not pay to help their child. In the midst of this time of Kate's sickness, I have found much to be grateful for. I am so happy that she is well on her way to recovery.

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Care'n King said...

SAVE your receipts from the med care for tax time! Love you so much