Mormon X-Mas morning

I saw that saying on  a blog this morning. We call the first weekend of October and April "Mormon X-Mas morning" because we spend the day in jim jams, eat yummy (and usually special) food and watch General Conference. Two things that are a tradition in the House of Graham as far as GC traditions go are: ice cream sundaes and 7-layer dip.
This year, we threw a curveball! Whaaaat?!
That's right! We made 7-layer dip, alright...
Mediterranean 7-layer dip!

'Twas delicious, folks!
red bell pepper
red onion
feta cheese
I got everything from TJ's
And if you want to get all craaazy- throw on some pepperonchinis!
8-layer dip! Is that even possible?!
Instead of tortilla chips, use pita chips for dipping.

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