I will not be opening a chinese restaurant anytime soon...

Kate is still very sick. I am concerned she has pneumonia. The advice nurse asked that we wait out the weekend to see if anything gets better... and so I have spent 3 days worrying about my little girl and her spiking fevers. But, I will listen to the nurse.
Because I missed work yesterday due to Kate's illness, I didn't want to miss today as well. In swoops my fabulous mother in law! She offered to watch Kate while I went off to the daycare. Jimmy's sister and her husband will be coming into town tonight and Nana was making dinner for everyone.  Nana had plans to cook all day at our house while I was gone and just reheat everything.
It turns out last minute that I didn't have to go in to work after all, so I stayed home to help Nana cook the food. Well... Nana had all the ingredients for some pretty involved recipes. I like to cook. Don't get me wrong. But the recipes she chose to make were very labor intensive.

I think it was blessing in disguise that I wasn't needed at work. It took us gals 5 hours to cook everything for dinner. And we only made three things! You see, Richard (my BIL) was having a birthday that evening. Richard likes Chinese food. So Nana chose Chinese recipes... well, Americanized Chinese food recipes.
We breaded and fried pounds and pounds of meat.
We made many sauces.
We chopped up tons of veggies.

It was a ton of work, but we had a good time. However, when we sat down after all that work and looked at the receipts, we both decided it wasn't worth it. After all the shopping was said and done, the food cost around $90. Because we used all copy cat recipes from Panda Express, we reasoned that it probably would have been a better idea to just buy the food already made.

Lesson learned.
On a happy note- we had enough orange chicken to feed a small country. Anyone hungry?

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