'poor me' post

Kate is home from school again today.
Another home bound day for us and the second riding lesson cancelled.
I am sad about that. Tuesdays are the best days. Kate and I love being around the horses.
It has been a hard couple or months for me.
Today, I just felt it all compounded.
I am especially 'poor me' over the fact that my best friend has been gone for two months.
I know that her move was imperative to her family. I am glad she is following God's plan for her. But that doesn't make me miss her any less. I hate that I can't drop by her house on a whim, call for a last minute hike or get a rarely needed hug. We still talk on the phone, but both of us are not really phone conversationalists. It has been hard for me to attend activities without her. Not because I can't talk to any of my other friends- quite the contrary. But, I just miss her experiencing the same things I experience. When you spend time with someone in many different times and places, that's one less thing you need to talk about to be caught up to date.

Once again, I know she is in the right place right now. I just wish where she belonged was closer to me...

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