Hoopla's a good thing

General Conference in The House of Graham is like a holiday. We go all out.
Favorite foods
Fancy jim jams
Games and packets
New journals
Lots of notes
We do not do anything but watch conference- and love it.

Unfortunately the internet went out on Saturday between the morning and afternoon session. It was pretty devastating. That may sound like a pretty steep word to explain my feelings. But I'm telling you, it is appropriate. We PLAN for this weekend. Because Kate was sick we couldn't drive down the hill to watch it at church. The kindly neighbors offered a spot on their couch, but we really didn't want to get their family sick.
In our conversation with the neighbors, the wife said, "Maybe there's a reason you're not supposed to watch it."
How silly. Right?
The reason why we needed to see that session another day is this:
We had a nice enough time watching conference but Jimmy and I were preoccupied with Kate's health. She coughed the whole time and was unable to take notes and do the games and packets. That little girl looks forward to conference just as much as we do. Rather than having a environment buzzing with joy and excitement we were all subdued.
Now, this weekend we are planning on watching the afternoon session we missed.
With all the hoopla.

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