Road Trippin'

My mom and I set off in the smallest car known to man to drive halfway across the country.
Our Destination: Logan, Utah
Our Purpose: Visit for my niece Abigail's blessing
Our Experience: The weather was great... until we stepped out of the car in Tahoe in 24 degree weather. We determined to buy coats at DI in Utah because we were ill prepared. Fortunately, the weather in Utah did not reflect the temperature in Tahoe. At another stop, I swear it was the scariest rest stop in the world. I half thought it might be gussied up for Halloween, but I didn't think they could make it that authentic... going through the hallway to the restrooms proved to be the worst part, as I thought a rat might scurry off with me. But once I got to the ladies' room, I realized that the rat could not have carried me off because it already had taken the sink out it's fixture. It was tricky to wash our hands with the sink missing...
My mom and I listened to a great audio book on the way there, 'Princess Academy'. I have read the book before, but listening to it was a great experience. It really made the time go pretty quickly.
Our Pictures:

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