Patience is a virtue

and darn near impossible to acquire...

Kate had an appointment this morning.
As always, we were 20 minutes early.
Fortunately, they got us in quickly.
Which turns out to be the only early thing done all day.

The doctor took one listen to Kate's breathing and sent us straight to X-Ray. (I know the real term is the radiology department, but seriously- how often do I get to use the letter 'X' ?!)
She told us to come right back to the office after going down to the lab.
Well, we waited in line for an X-ray for over an hour.
Kate was in tears, just sitting on my lap.
It was just a mother's worst nightmare. When the X-ray was finally completed, we returned to the doctor's office...
they were closed for lunch.
We waited for two hours then were finally seen and received a prescription.

Then we waited in another line at the pharmacy.
Which took another hour.
Now I wanted to cry.
In line I kept looking over at my little girl wearing a mask (mandatory), looking like a zombie, weeping and coughing. It was just sad.

By the tie all was said and done, we were at the doctor's office for over 5 hours. That's six episodes of Chopped. Something needs to be done about that.

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