Following promptings

I went down the hill today to deliver four loaves of bread around town. When I was driving down Silverado Trail, which is a very busy road with a high speed limit, a little boy darted across the road in front of me. He was being chased by his mother that could not catch him. I saw the panic and concern in his mother's face and made a split second decision to catch him. When I looked in the rear view mirror I saw that the mother could not get across the street because no one would stop to let her cross. This little boy was running fast. When I first followed him, I got ahead and turned into a driveway to head him off and he ran around the car. The poor mother was trailing far behind. Then I sped up to get way ahead of the boy and physically catch him. When he got to me, I was able to put my arms around him and just barely hold on to him until the sobbing mother caught up.

She was really emotional and just said, "Thank you, thank you! He's autistic. My son has never done this before. Thank you for catching him." I just looked her in the eyes and responded, "It's okay. He's okay. You're okay." Then I insisted on driving them home. At first the mother declined, but she was pretty shaken up and I could tell she needed it. When she finally agreed, I got to learn a little more about them. I informed her that I was delivering bread. When I got to their house to drop the mother and son off, I gave them a loaf of bread. The woman tried not to take it, but I was insistent. She took the bread and the boy took the butter and off I went.

As soon as I got into the car, I just burst into tears. This is why:
1) That morning I was making bread dough. It takes 24 hours for the dough to rise, so you have to plan ahead before delivery the following day. I felt a prompting to make an extra batch of dough. Rather than question it, I just made the dough. So, the loaf that I gave away today could be replaced tomorrow by the dough I made today.
2) I realized that the events leading up to me leaving at the exact moment I did were meant to be. I needed to leave the house at the precise moment I did.
3) I also realized that Heavenly Father put me in that place because He loves His children. He loves me- letting me be of service. He loves the boy, keeping him safe in traffic. He loves that mother.

When I realized these things in quick progression, I was just overwhelmed with the spirit. I called one of the customers and asked if I could deliver her bread tomorrow rather than today and she was totally fine with it. Everything worked out. Everything was okay. I am so glad that I got to be part of that experience. I am so glad Heavenly Father trusted me to help his child. I am grateful that I listened to the Holy Ghost multiple times to be able to help. I have to tell you, I absolutely love being a part of His plan.

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Care'n King said...

And I am incredibly blessed to have you as part of my plan..love you so much! mom