I Like Order

I cooked all day yesterday and today for Mark and Katherine's reception. They had the reception on Sunday afternoon because the vets' would have a hard time making it to the hall two days in a row. The reception was scheduled for right after church. Everything was so sweet. But I have to tell you, it was nice to be in the kitchen. I love my mother-in-law to pieces, but I don't ever want to plan a wedding with her again. I am pretty laid back because I have gotten the scheduling and lists preparing for a wedding down to a science. Our immediate family has done so many weddings that, Jimmy, Kate and I could probably do one a week without batting an eye. That is not a formal wish or request- just saying, that there is some formula to follow. However, my sweet mother-in-law doesn't really like that formula, as prevalent as it might be.
While everyone setting up was running around trying to get every last detail pulled together, I was taking my time and calmly putting together the food. Diana kept coming over and commenting how quiet I was. Apparently I am a very loud person, because she was not the only one to comment on my near silence. Regardless of my lack of speaking, everything turned out great.
We had tons of extra food and lots of happy people- I would count today as a success.

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