A Sweet Love Story

This is Mark and Katherine:
 We have them in the back of the car to take them to the temple. You see, after 20 years of waiting, Mark and Katherine will be married in the temple. Mark is a war vet that lives at the Yountville Vets' Home. My in-laws are the coordinators for the Vets' Home Sunday Services. Those two do a great job really showering the vets with love. When they first starting coordinating, Mark approached them with a request- he wanted to marry his sweetheart. Katherine was Mark's caretaker for 18 years. He desperately wanted to marry her, and she him, but she refused to marry anywhere but the temple. Mark was not a member of the church. But Mark studied the gospel and ending up joining the church a few years ago. And then it was a matter of someone willing to help these two love birds accomplish their dream. Because Mark is an amputee, it makes travel very difficult. Not only did they need a ride, but someone who could help lift Mark in and out of the  vehicle. That's where we come in. We offered to drive the couple to the temple. With Jimmy's training as a nurse, he knew how to properly lift Mark without getting hurt.
 The drive to temple was sweet- but there are no words to compare the way I felt witnessing these two getting sealed for time and all eternity. I was a blubbering mess. The love between these that have waited longer than I've known Jimmy was palpable. I will be forever grateful to have been part of this sweet couple's special day.

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