Our Halloween...This is real life!

We went a friend of ours for a barn Halloween party:
 That picture is not from Pinterest, folks. This was a real picture from that night!
Seriously, they had a blow up movie screen, amazing food AND a fire dancer!!!
It was epic. This family knows how to throw a serious party.
 Only in Napa Valley, right?
Otherwise, our night was great! We went trick or treating and stopped off at another party. I don't know how it is where you are, but here- not many people trick-or-treat anymore. It's mostly just parties. To be honest, I really prefer it that way! It's nice to be with friends and family and not going door to door begging for candy. It's cute when they're young, but when a teenager comes to the door you know it's just out of hand. I am really not knocking Halloween. But I like certain aspects better than others.

BTW- it was a rough day for our family- an experience I promise to share when I am ready, so I do not have any pictures of Kate in her costume.... but we have already planned another day to do a photo shoot. I'll post when we've got them

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