So, do you remember that our weekend was crazy? You know, because of the temple trip and reception and no nap... you know- crazy. Also because Sunday night, I was also asked to conduct the music for a stake fireside. Now, I like crazy. But I am not very good at conducting. I actually don't know how the stake knew I could conduct music.

It turned out to be a really good experience. For a few reasons, actually:
First: the pianist is someone I respect and adore who likes playing music as fast as I like conducting it
Second: the room was small and intimate, I don't like conducting in the chapel
Third: the meeting was held for all the boys receiving the priesthood this year- meaning, they wouldn't notice if I messed up

I had a grand old time conducting away.The music chosen was upbeat and just fun. I smiled the whole time and really got into it. In fact, I noticed a few of the parents had pretty embarrassed faces when they accidentally made eye contact with me- you know that's good.
To be honest, that's what fueled me to have even a better time conducting.
I will say, I am glad I did the music- but if the stake ever asked me to conduct for stake conference, I am pretty sure I'd faint.

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