Poor Jimmy

I always feel bad for my husband...
He's married to crazy
He's stuck with what I sign us up for
He's been surrounded by girls his whole life
Poor guy can't catch a break

Today was no different.
So, I thought of the wise idea to sign up for dinner for the missionaries AND someone in our ward who had just had surgery. You know, two birds with one stone. Which, I don't think would have been a bad idea had we not taken all day Friday to drive Mark and Katherine to the temple, Saturday and Sunday to provide for their reception and no Sunday nap, to boot.

I really should have just taken the week off, but I love to serve. And when I'm on a roll, I'm ready for anything. The operative word is: I.
Yes, I might be able to handle it all but Jimmy needs his Sunday nap. Plus, the only reason I can handle it all is because Jimmy is in the background supporting my choices.

Today, I went to Larry's, Costco, Trader Joe's, Safeway- you know, the usual loop. And then I put together some butternut squash soup, played taxi and maid. Everything was prepared for the missionaries to come to dinner. My timing was turning out to be impeccable. Successfully packing the car with the food to go to the family in our ward, Kate's bread to be delivered and a detailed agenda of how the night would go- I sent Jimmy off to deliver to the appropriate places and then pick up the missionaries.

And then I got a call from Jimmy. A not too thrilled Jimmy.
An oncoming big rig had turned into Jimmy's lane and he had to stop short in order to save his own life. But the soup was not saved. Poor Jimmy got a back full of hot soup. Plus, the interior of his car was drenched. I could tell in his voice that there was no coming back from this.

So, I quickly got off the phone and made all the necessary calls to reschedule everything. Jimmy came home sopping wet and very unimpressed with my idea to do it all. He stopped speaking to me after our short conversation on the phone.  I sent him in for a shower and a nap while warming up some soup for his dinner...

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