Goal Accomplished!

Our family finished reading the Book Of Mormon today!
Sometimes it is a real struggle to read the scriptures everyday, but I know we are blessed because of it. When we had the foster children, I made a promise with Heavenly Father that we would read the Book of Mormon everyday, pray together everyday and hold weekly family home evening. Things were not perfect with the boys here, we still had struggles. But, I really don't want to know how much worse it would have been if we didn't do those three things. I have to admit, I am a little sad that the boys weren't here to finish the book with us. I think it would have been fun for them to experience that little triumph.

I know this book is true, I am grateful for the peace it brings me. If not for the spiritual aspect, reading the Book of Mormon out loud with Kate everyday has made her a superb reader and taught patience. I will never regret taking time every day with my family to read. We are on to starting the Book of Mormon for the third time! We all tried to guess how many times we would read the book as a family before Kate went off to college. But thinking of that made me too sad so I couldn't pick a number. Kate chose 10. Let's hope, little girl...

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