Well oiled machine

Nearing the end of Summer proves Kate and I to be an all-star team. Little Kate had a dentist appointment today at noon. But, today was the ONLY day to go to Larry's and Costco to shop, which is a 30-40 minute drive. Plus, the actual shopping time. Larry's opens at 9:00 and Coscto at 10:00. How in the world would I get in my shopping and get home to unload groceries and eat lunch and brush Kate's teeth and get to the dentist in time?! We have been doing this all Summer, so it was now time to prove our mad skillz, yo.

Here's a rundown:
9:00- Leave Napa
9:34- arrive at Larry's
9:34- 9:46- shop like crazy and run the wheelbarrow like a racecar
9:53- arrive at Costco. Eat snack we threw together right before leaving
10:00- shop like crazy and run the giant cart like a racecar
10:09- complete shopping (!) and use the restroom
10:11- buy a yogurt for Kate in the food court and drive like the dickens!
10:48- arrive home, unload groceries faster than you can say 'fresh produce'
11:02- eat lunch
11:17- brush teeth
11:50- arrive at dentist* with 10 minutes to spare!!!

*Sad note... we have to go back, Kate had a cavity. She sobbed :( Poor thing...

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