Quality not Quantity

I am pleased to announce that we had another missionary discussion with our friend Sue. It was wonderful. She is kind. I love teaching the gospel. I realized when Sue left that I would not be able to do what I did tonight if I had a ton of kids. I love children. But, I am being honest when I say that missionary work is my total passion. I was married at 19 and was not able to attend a full time mission. I would have LOVED it! I cannot wait to go on a mission with Jimmy when we can. I look back on the time I have spent in our ward whilst having one child. Because of the one child and the one child's disposition, I have been able to help and serve in the church. I have been able to give my all and really sacrifice for God's children. I may not have many of His children in my home, but I am not wasting my time on this earth... well, mostly- sometimes I spend hours watching a cooking show and then forget my responsibilities...

But I digress. Maybe Heavenly Father knows what He's doing after all, huh? Our ward has been really pushing the missionary effort. I am happy to be pushed. I go willingly into what is required of me. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity. That's not to say that those who have multiple children do not serve. It's just a different way of serving. For the longest time, I felt that having many children would be the only way to contribute in this life. It was that misconception that made me unhappy with a small family. When I have seen what has been accomplished by our small family in the past few weeks, I have come to realize that we are only small in number.


Sandy said...

I always tell people that they get the child that needs them, not that you get the child you want. Kate picked you for a reason. Maybe it was to start early and still have enough energy when she's older to help others, together. There will be other people in your life that find you when they need you.

{april kennedy} said...

And with that said....(with total respect and a little smile)...I'm teaching a friend the gospel with the missionaries too. Tonight is her first official missionary lesson. We are going to HER house...not mine!!

I love that Heavenly Father isn't making you wait as long as he did for your answer to show you why he gave you the answer he did!