A Miracle

My sister-in-law and I experienced a pretty amazing miracle tonight. We had just had a wonderful talk with a dear friend when I went to drop Ashley off at home. When we got to her house, we both wanted to talk a little longer, so it did not take a lot of urging for Ashley to agree to sleep over at our house. When leaving Ashley's house with her things in tow, I felt a prompting to go a certain way home- a direction that is not entirely foreign to me, but not very often taken.

When Ashley and I were driving down a dark road, we saw a woman running along the side of the road frantically waving her arms. Now- keep in mind that it was about 10:30 at night and very dark outside.
"Should we pull over?" I asked Ashley.
"I have a really bad feeling about it- don't!" She responded.
I did not get the same terror that I heard in Ashley's voice, so I started to pull over. When I looked in the rear view mirror, I saw that woman running towards the car. As I got out of the car, she ran past the truck that was already pulled over to help and approached me.

She started to explain to me her dilemma and I just said, "What do you need?"
In short, she needed a ride somewhere.

It seemed that this young woman could not get in the car fast enough. We learned that her name was Danielle. Sweet Daniele was in a bind in which her car keys were left somewhere and she needed them to get into her home. Ashley and I discovered that Danielle was walking from her home to a friend's house for help. The conversation we had was great. I realized that everything was okay with helping this young woman who had just recently moved to Napa from LA.

After dropping Danielle off, Ashley I had to say a prayer of gratitude because we pieced together what had just transpired.
You see, we had picked up Danielle and Ashley had a terrible feeling about the truck. Ashley is very good about discerning people. She knew whoever was in the truck was bad. When she thought Danielle was somehow connected to the truck, Ashley did not want me to pull over. When we realized how close of a call it was for Danielle to get into the truck, we were floored by the timing. If I am not making myself clear, it is only because I still feel like I am in a dream. And from our prayer and the whisperings of the Spirit Ashley and I both received tonight-
we know we had just saved Danielle's life.
Danielle was walking from her home to a friend's home. We met her already half way into a pretty long journey. She was not trying to flag anyone down on her walk. The only reason she was waving her arms frantically and running when we first saw her is because she was running AWAY from the man in the truck. He stopped along the road before she had asked for help. When Danielle got into our car, she was visibly shaken and kept saying, "You're a Godsend."
Danielle, you have no idea...
We were prompted to go that way. The timing was impeccable. She got where she was going safely. Ashley and I were floored by what had just happened. And absolutely grateful that we were able to be where God wanted us, when He wanted us there. Tonight was a true confirmation to me that following small promptings can make all the difference.


Kelly said...

Love Love Love

Caren King said...

I love the prompting of the Spirit, and am so proud that you too listened.
Get her phone number? Might have been worth a follow up call.. Thank you for being so in tune for yourself, your family and others.
Love you sweetie!