Crazy does what?

Yeah, that's me.
Crazy lady.
I spent all day shopping in the heat. Then I went swimming with the family. Then I went to a family dinner. Then I drove straight home. Then I packed all the food for Fourth of July. Then I brought the bags and clothes I never unpacked from the beach house. Then I left for the beach house AGAIN after being home for two days... at 11:00 pm. Yes, friends. Yes, I did. I drove with a car packed FULL of stuff and headed down with my poor nine year old in tow in the middle of the night. I ended up getting to the house at 1:00 am. Causing the necessity to unpack the whole car in the middle of the night. Because I am crazy. And afraid of the heat. You see, I was supposed to leave Tuesday morning, but I didn't want to brave 107 degree heat or cook anything at home. So, that is the story of your crazy friend. I give you permission to share this story with anyone and everyone to prove that you are not the craziest person on earth. You're welcome.

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