Independence Day sponsored by the Graham Family

The fourth of July is our holiday. All the Grahams make a mass exodus to the beach house in La Selva for some serious partying. I will let you judge for yourself:
 Those are the 'just getting started' snacks. We had a full on meal afterwards... Kate and I have been cooking for days. Unfortunately, I was in the kitchen during dinner- I couldn't take a picture of that!
 Kate ready for the parade.
 I love red lipstick. So very much.
 My nephews are adorable!! One ended up falling asleep half way through the parade.
 Grandma and Grandpa- the two love birds.
 This parade is serious. If you look closely, you will see Kate's custom candy catcher attached to the handle bar of her scooter. She's got priorities, folks...
No parade is complete without ponies in butt ornaments.
 The girls won ribbons for their mermaid sand castle!
 Most of the kids... we tried.
Our third place sand castle!!! We won a trophy!
Cupcake flavors: lemon curd filling with blueberries, mango curd filling with coconut, chocolate ganache filling with strawberries. Thank you Pinterest.
Overall, the day was fantastic- as always. We just loved it. And I am exhausted!

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