Middle Man

We've missed the boys. But, we are all happy they have found a safe place to land. Over the weekend I got a dose of :
This guy is so funny... he says things that are definite catch phrases in The House of Graham. On one such occasion, we were eating dinner and Little Guy (who is tiny, even for a six year old) was chilly. He looked at Jimmy and asked, "Can I wear your sweatshirt?"
Jimmy obliged and suited the Little Guy up in his sweatshirt, to the point that Little Guy was almost lost in the fabric. I giggled and said, "Little Guy, you're swimming in that sweatshirt!!!"
Middle Man looked up from his food and said in all seriousness, "We're going swimming?"
When we picked up the boys at their new foster home to take them to our ward party, the kids all started telling jokes. One such joke was this: "Pete and Repeat were in a boat. Pete fell out, who's left?" Hahahaa... Repeat- get it?!
Well, in classic Middle Man style, he shouts up from the rear seat, "Hey Jimmy. Pete and Repeat were in a boat- who's left?!?!" Then starts giggling uncontrollably.
We love this little guy and his desire to laugh and enjoy life. He's always been one to skip to the punch line- and we love it. He is just so happy to get to the best part.

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