Too much fun!

 We have had Little Miss visiting us. We have been LOVING it! Tonight, right before bed time, I gave the girls airplane rides. Little Miss and Kate loved it! If I hadn't been working out prior to this little fun session, I don't think I could have lifted the fourth grader... can you believe she is going to be in FOURTH GRADE?!?! You can tell by the redness in my face the difficulty I was having in lifting sweet Kate, but I still did it!

 Little Miss was much easier, that little peanut! She was giggling up a storm!

However, I think she might be getting a tad weary of all the attention, as so demonstrated in the picture Kate took below:
Hahahaaa!!!! Kate has been giving Little Miss so much attention, that sometimes she runs away from Kate saying, "Stop hugging me!!!"
It's pretty funny.

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