Coolest (and smartest) birthday party ever!

This is Dr. Kate. She is geared up for a science party!
My brother-in-law is a scientist at Genentech. He is a super smarty pants. So it was only natural to have a science party for his daughter, Kate's cousin.
Here is Richard doing experiments with all the kids. It was fascinating!

This picture does not do these bubble justice. He made them with cabbage juice and soap and dry ice and something else. When you popped the bubbles, steam would escape! 
The utter radness was totally worth staining my white linen pants with cabbage juice... 


Care'n King said...

What?? no baking soda volcanoes?
Still pretty cool...hope all is well and Kate is getting ready for school ~ yuke, I HAD to say that hun?

love to all momo

Heather said...

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