Mmmm... Chocolate

In this cycle of the weight loss program I am doing, there is a revamped food list. Included on this food list are: positive foods, negative foods and neutral foods. The ‘neutral’ list is a new concept this time around. On this list is exactly what it sounds- foods that are neither good nor bad in the grand scheme of what should be counted in a day’s nutrition. Well, folks- I have some fabulous news. Dark chocolate is one on the neutral list! I think it might be time for a jig. The requirement is that the chocolate must be 70% or higher in cocoa content. I went out to my local neighborhood Trader Joe’s and grabbed a few bars to see what would be my neutral of choice. And it’s here that I have chosen to share my findings!
Here’s the lineup:

Organic 73% cacao super dark

This chocolate had a slightly bitter taste- but in a pleasant way. The taste is so strong that I feel the recommended serving size is too much. Just one square made me completely satisfied. I really enjoyed the almost tangy aftertaste. I highly recommend letting the piece melt in your mouth- it’s quite a treat!

AWARDED: Best Bar for the Purist


Organic 73% cacao super dark chocolate with almonds

I love the almonds in this bar. Like it’s nut-free counterpart, the chocolate taste is slightly bitter in a pleasant way. I do like how the sharpness of the chocolate is cut with the crunchy almonds. If I were to choose with or without nuts, I would definitely choose the former.

AWARDED: Best Bar for the Candy Bar Lover


Organic stone ground 70% cacao extra dark chocolate

This chocolate was actually my favorite. I think that others probably do not agree with me. I’ve always been a fan of the off kilter foods. Lavender ice cream is my favorite- not everyone’s cup of tea. This bar is stone milled and has cocoa nibs in it, making the texture grainy. I love that aspect. To me it’s almost like and aero bar or crunch bar. I liked the texture. Also, this bar is a Mexican style chocolate, so there’s a cinnamon undertone. The cocoa nibs have the richness of almost a coffee flavor. I really enjoyed this bar.

AWARDED: Best Bar for the Epicurean


Swiss 72% cacao dark chocolate

Yum! Definitely the most smooth out of the bunch. The flavor was almost buttery. I liked the way this bar really melted in my mouth. Out of all the bars, this Swiss version was the most sweet. The chocolate flavor was great, but left my mouth and throat a tad bit dry.

AWARDED: Best Bar for the Milk Chocolate Lover


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Anonymous said...

I like that no one bar came in last..what a diplomat you would make!
love mom