Camping... not a wild success

Jimmy has been a little stressed out at work lately. His boss has had to take a lot of time off due  to family stuff. So Jimmy has been left in charge quite a bit in the past two months.
He FINALLY was able to take two days off and we planned a trip so fast, we were in the car before any of us realized what we just did!
As a family, we have never been camping. NEVER. I Love camping... Jimmy, not so much. Well, after our maiden experience, I can understand why one might not enjoy the experience...
Here is Jimmy ready to go!
 And Kate all outdoorsy looking-
Our absolutely gorgeous campsite nestled between a horse stable (Kate's dream) and a huge garden (my dream)
 Kate and me before our first night- we look so happy and refreshed and operating on a full night's sleep
 The view from our tent door- the ocean and a light house. Spectacular
These pictures are very deceiving, folks... It was a breathtaking drive down the coast to get here. And a cinch to set up camp. And a dream to have running toilets near our campsite. What was not a dream, however:
There was a couple that rolled into camp around 11:00 pm. There tent was planted twenty yards from ours. A suitable distance, I think. But, this couple did not take this twenty yards as a challenge. No siree! They were sure to break sound barriers all night long. What tools did they use to break those barriers, you ask? Well, first off, their car was parked in such a way that the headlights shone completely in our tent anytime they flashed the lights... which was often. Very often. Almost as often as the times they decided to get a little friendly with each other. Let me tell you, these folks were quite friendly. They liked each other a lot. And often. More often than the times they flashed their car headlights in our tent, but less often than the times they woke me up with their talking and playing of loud hippie music. It was a dreadful night. Dreadful. Plus, how do explain friendliness to our nine year old daughter?! Jimmy and I just talked REALLY loud so that our voices would over power, er, other sounds. My patience only lasted until about 4:30 am, when I gave up and took my pillow and blanket to our car. Not too long afterwards, Jimmy joined me and said, "They're getting friendly again..." We picked up Kate in her sleeping bag and transferred her to the back seat of the van, where we all slept soundly for a couple of hours.
Here's what it comes down to:
Drive down: *****
Accommodations: ****
View: *****
Neighbors: *
All in all, a good trip. But I am telling you, that one star really ruined the other good stuff for us.

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