My girl

Miss Kate has helped me non stop with all the cooking in preparation for tomorrow. I am excited about the fourth of July. We do it big- and it's the absolute best. I LOVE all the work it takes to get ready. I plan the menu all year. Or rather, think of it all year. Kate has worked so diligently with me this year. And she has actually helped. Poor thing grated almost five pounds of block cheese. The best part was the dusting of shredded cheese surround that girl when she stood up from the table. It was like a car that leaves a dry mark in the parking lot when it's been raining and the driver moves their car.
We have been working tirelessly as a well oiled machine. We baked 6 dozen cupcakes, made three fillings, frosting, dips, crudité, shredded chicken, taco meat, beans, rice... well, you get the picture. What I can say is this: I learned from my mom and she's learning from me. I hope someday Kate will teach her daughter.

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