Hiking- where it's at

While camping, we were able to partake in the beauty all around us! It was so nice to be close to many day hikes. We chose two fabulous ones. The first was a 3 mile hike in Butano State Park. A wonderful hike in mostly shaded area. A great choice for kids. There is some difficult parts, but not so hard that it was impossible for Kate. Plus, how can you go wrong with a few banana slug sightings?! We are definitely camping here next time we decide to camp on the coast- the grounds are impeccable and all the trails lead back to the campsites. Can you imagine a day like this: Wake up, eat breakfast, go on a hike, eat lunch on the trail, go back to campsite, eat a fire-cooked meal, go to sleep, wake up and repeat?!?! My kind of heaven!

The second hike we did was the Ano Nuevo walk along the cliffs. So spectacular! PLUS we spotted a California quail! My favorite. I have an obsession with California quails. I secretly hope one dies of natural causes on our property so I can get it stuffed. I know it's weird, but I am being honest... and creepy, I suppose.

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