Napa 2 Ward Party

I am really sad that there are no pictures of this event. It was so much fun! We took Kate, Little Miss and the boys we used to foster. Because why wouldn't you bring all the kids you know to a party featuring:
Softball (and a bonafide little league diamond)
Cotton Candy*
Bouncy House

The evening was just great.
Weather- terrific.
Activities- top notch.
It was a good time had by all. Except that I was the only adult in the pool. That was a little awkward. Jimmy was being a girl and didn't want to put on his swimsuit...

*I got to run the cotton candy machine. Time moves quickly while making straight spun sugar for a never ending line of  eager children. I ended up running the machine for almost two hours (felt like 10 minutes- no joke) while Jimmy was running after multiple children. Sorry Jimmy! I suppose karma is swift... you should have put on your swimsuit.

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