I love to be the messenger!

we ran into two people today that I think were not part of MY plan, but someone else's :)

On Friday, I felt prompted to text a family I haven't spoken to in years to invite them to FHE. Unfortunately, they couldn't come. But, there was a miscommunication because of my stupid phone (it tosses texts sometimes- I swear my phone doesn't want me to have any friends!). So, the mother in this family was freaking out and thought I had chosen to ignore her because the invite was turned down. This morning, Kate and I went to the library Summer readers program party and who do we see?! Of course that mother! She and I hugged and I confirmed their visit for next Monday night! Woo Hoo!!!

And then...
Kate I went to lunch at Panera. And what happens?! We 'just happen' to run into another family. In this case, it was a member in our ward in a tricky situation. You see, their whole family would be out of town for different reasons on the night of their youngest child's birthday. A child that just so happens to be one of Kate's friends. So, of course we invited her to sleep over! The little girl was so touched by our invitation that she started crying and kept saying, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" It was really sweet. I was reminded of a time when a family in our ward taught me the example to invite that sweet girl. 20 years ago, my parents had to go out of town on my birthday. I was devastated. But, the family I stayed with found out about my birthday and planned a whole party for me! I still remember what we ate, how they decorated and what I received as a gift. But most of, I remember how loved I felt. I just hope this little girl feels our love for her. And who knows? Maybe she'll pay it forward in 20 years!

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Care'n King said...

20 yrs ago? you would have been 11 ~ where did we go???
love you mom